Danish Design and Philippine Craftmanship

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Marble Lamps

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The new generation of sustainable illumination technology..

A typical drawing for a design.


Danish drawings has to be modified, so they can be read and understood by the craftsmen. And few essential measurements has to be pin pointed, to make sure the final lamp can be assembled.


A good combination.


In combining Danish engineering with the skills of Philppine craftsmen, it's possible to make safe, highly efficient and cost efficient products. And beautiful products too.


It is actually very simple. We are using the best parts from each country, and then combine it. And we let both contries benefit from it. Win win cases, are always the best.


The challenge is mutual adoption and acceptance of different manufacturing techniques. Not two lamps are exactly the same in measurements, and it required new thinking in Danish manufacturing. At the same time, the Craftsmen needs to respect the minimum requirements, to keep the products according to safety regulations. And parts from Denmark and the Philippines has to fit each other at all times, so assembly can be done easily in both countries.


We succeeded in doing that, and the result is outstanding. And it's a brand new concept.

Combining Danish and Philippine knowhow.


Often the best solution is not the cheapest. But we do not compromise - we do what it takes to make the best products.


Parts from each country has to fit, when the final assembly is made, even the Marble parts might be a little different in size compared to the initial drawing.

Strain reliefs needs to be made with extreme precission for security reasons. The metal can damage the wires, and the lamps are heavy. So in this case we benefit form the expertice of PO Teknik, a Danish metalwork, using CNC machines.

CE marking of all products requires a lot of tests. But it ensures a safe product. And it is required when selling at the European market. Also lamps sold at the Philippines will be properly certified and marked according to European standards.

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