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Marble Lamps

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The new generation of sustainable illumination technology..

Every product is a unique product.


Because the patterns in the surface is a kind of natural fingerprint. Not two lamps looks exact the same.


What is Quality?


It can not be expressed simple, because in our optics it is the combination of many factors.


  • Choice of good raw materials.
  • Carefull processing.
  • Good and efficient design.
  • Error free products.
  • Proper certification.


This leads to products which:

  • Has no cracks in the materials.
  • Has no scratches.
  • Are easy to repair, and has a very long liftetime.
  • Are all carefully inspected for manufacturing errors.
  • Has a 10 year warranty.
  • Are safe to use.



All lamps are assembled and checked the same way.


Assembly manuals are the same, no matter where the lamps are assembled. That includes using the same kind of parts and the same quality checks.

Only exception is lamps requirering a plug. The plugs depend on the outlets in each country.

Electric wire is chose from it's properties. Double insulation, high temperature, and approved for the high weight required when used for hanging lamps.

All strain reliefs are carefully inspected for metal chips and burrs to ensure there will be no dammage to the wire, when it is inserted.

All marble parts are carefully inspected for cracks using high power illumination.

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