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Marble Lamps

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The new generation of sustainable illumination technology..

Sustainable thinking is the key.

To have a future world in a better balance.


To make sustainable design, every link in the chain from raw material to the end of life of the product has to be considered carefully.


That includes choice of raw materials, design, the processing, the manufacturing, the transportation, energy consumption, life time, maintenance and recykling.


At the same time product safety, and efficiency must not be lost.


We exchanged as many glass and plastic parts as possible with marble parts, and are using solid, lead free brass instead of coated alloys, that usually consist of many different metals including nickel and chrome. In few cases we had to use plastics, either to keep a high efficiency or for safety reasons in the electric parts.


We don't use any kind of paint, glue or coatings. Only a little acid is used for polishing the marble.


Marble is compressed limestone, and in recyckling it can be chrushed, and used as fertilizer.

The brass and the cobber from electric parts can be fully recycled too.


Plastic parts can be burned at high temperatures, releasing the energy contained in it.


In having production in both countries transportation is minimised. And both countries will benefit from the employment our lamps creates, which will maintain a balance in economy too.


Energy and resource considerations.


Any processing of materials requires energy, and any product has a energy cost.

By making products with a very long lifespan, the energy cost pr. year will decrease a lot.

In sustainable designs repairs should be the first choice, not wasting it and just replacing.It saves resources and lot's of energy.

Processing of the marble blocks, is made by Philippine craftsmen, using simpe but efficient tools. Compared to manufacturing of glass parts, it only requires a small amount of energy.

Polishing of the surface makes it possible to avoid coatings and paint. Used correct, light reflections can be controlled by the polishing too. The selection of the marble will determine color and patterns.

Our brass parts are made from extruded brass, and then processed in Danish CNC machines. The result is strain reliefs being able of carrying the weight of even very heavy lamps. In using extruded metals instead of molds, it is ensured there is no cracks in the materials.

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